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Nov. 28th, 2020 | 03:41 pm


Although most of my stuff is on MTS2, there are alot of wonderful creations, recolours etc out there that use bits and peices of my creations to create amazing new ones! So I've decided to create this post as a link to anything I've made or anything made using my creations, or anything else I feel I need to link to! The comments here are also screened, so if you want to ask me anything privately feel free to drop me a comment.
My terms of use are pretty much a free for all, I don't see any point in restricting content in a game thats technically out of date. We're lucky there is still stuff left to create!
So if you feel like you need to borrow something of mine to make something new, needed or amazing feel free to tear my meshes/ textures apart! Credit is appreciated, and is given by almost every upload I see that includes my content so I thank you for doing so and continuting to do so! Please don't include my stuff in pay creations, obviously, as paysites should be extinct by now. And even if you did they're bound for the booty anyway.

I know there are so many out there, so if yours is not included, or one you think should be but isn't; it's purely because I haven't linked it yet! So if you can help me in anyway please drop me a link! I'll arrange them in creator/location sections, and just another quick thankyou for everyone who's made this content! It really makes me so happy to see people like my stuff that much!

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