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Although most of my stuff is on MTS2, there are alot of wonderful creations, recolours etc out there that use bits and peices of my creations to create amazing new ones! So I've decided to create this post as a link to anything I've made or anything made using my creations, or anything else I feel I need to link to! The comments here are also screened, so if you want to ask me anything privately feel free to drop me a comment.
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'Sample Sale'

I didn't realise how much unreleased stuff I had! So now I'm playing the sims 3, and as suggested by Doda_Lani, I've complied a 'Sample sale' of the unrealeased Sentate collection :D A sample sale basically means all the stuff a brand wants to get rid of for and they never have any sizes... Well these are FREE but none have fat morphs... so it's kind of like the real thing I guess :D. Theres also some stuff in here no ones ever seen before, I think its 5 new things all together so feel free to do whatever you want with them, convert, warp, re-do whatever! This is my parting gift to the TS2 community, though I won't be leaving and will still be reading all your journals I won't be creating anymore. It's not goodbye though but I'd like to thank you all so much for the support, fun and love you've given me since I was 14! I feel like I've grown up with my Sentate username :P

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Back from the void!

Hey everyone, I've been missing on here since... like... christmas? Literally christmas! I got a suprise present of a new computer that means I can run the Sims 3 on the highest settings, bake cakes, exercise and do back flips all at once! I really got lost in the gameplay over the last few months with that, College, Learning to drive, a NOSE JOB and all those other things in life that suck up your time!

So this is sort of a covering post apologising for being such a looser and not being active, though I do still keep my hand in and often have a stalk of what you're all doing; I LOVE what everyone's doing with bonehilda, so glad you're enjoying her, and seeing the 'Emma Boots' popping up on meshes all over the place! As far as I can tell I've finished on the sims 2 for now, The sims 3 has really pulled me in, especially with the delicious supernatural EP looming over the corner.

So After 6 months of solid play I decided to start creating again, Its not as easy as before but in some ways its so much better, no more recolours or worrying if people will like these shoes with this dress etc. I'm pretty active on tumblr and post alot of sims 3 stuff there, as well as content previews and shots from my game, So if you've not got me on tumblr click the picture and follow meh! Those 2 dresses are things I've made, and the one of the left is currently in the Mod Queue at MTS2. Plus I have loads of stuff in my folder waiting to be uploaded too! So you'll be hearing much more from me soon :D

Hope everyone's well and good!

Christmas Gift from Sentate

As I missed the secret santa deadline over at GOS, I thought I'd make a little something for everyone. I recently had to reset my computer to factory settings (story of my life) and have therefore lost everything I hadn't released :'(. So after a week of being scrooge I re-installed everything and whipped up a present just in time for christmas!

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"Skeleton in the Closet"

Bonehilda remembers little about her fleshy past. She enjoys sun bleaching her bones and drinking nectar in her closet...

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This is sort of a thankyou to the community here, who have all been so welcoming. I never thought I'd get any followers here, on tumblr or twitter so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really does make my day seeing what you all write about what I've made, and how you use stuff I've made both in your game and to make even MOARRR new stuff! I thought I'd make something pure fun, and Bonehilda popped into my mind straight away. I still can't believe she hasn't been done yet, so today I bring you Bonehilda Skeleton!

Bonehilda is a custom servo, not a replacement (I have some sci-fi sims who love their servos!) so if you want multiple Bonehildas you have to install the lot again. I packed her with the clean installer, but I'd recommend unpacking her with it too. She comes living on a tiny lot in a 1x1 closet powered down (just for fun) so get her in game and move her into a loving household!

I've notice the annoying green plasma orb does poke through occasionaly, so just pretend it's her pet caterpillar who lives in her back.
Also. If you find she turns back into a normal servo, just get her to change into her formal and back and she'll be back to her old bony self again.

Credits to someone on MTS who make the invisible head/eyes/hair thing. I didn't make the wallpaper either, but I cant find the link! OOPS.

If there are any issues with her I've not covered please let me know! Enjoy! x x




So I've always wanted my own sims site with automatic music that will drive everyone insane. Tumblr has fulfilled this want! 2000 ASPIRATION POINTS. I'm using it mainly for sims pictures, such as previews and all that, that don't have anything to do with the bella files.... but the two will most likely merge eventually.

(Warning; dubstep. BUT PRETTY SIMS)

The Bella Files Chapter 2.

My life truly didn’t begin until I was in university, Sim State Uni, If you must know. It was closer to home than I’d liked, really. I love my family, truly, but I’d grown up sheltered, I was on a one way path to mediocre success. However, on one hot, sticky night my destiny changed. Collapse )

Happy Christmas In July!!

Woo! I made my gift for CIJ. I got the lovely CuriousB, who was very happy with her gift! (I was SOOOO NERRRRVVVOUUUSSSS). Download Linkage at the end.

Also why I'm here, I'm currently trying to post my Bella Files ch.2 (I didnt forget!) But if I get one more 500 Internal Server message I think I'm going to explode. But it's on the way!


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I'm still here! I've finished college untill september, just got back from an amazing holiday and now I'm back to simming. I know shoe-boots aren't to everyones taste. But...Well... I LOVE THESE SHOES SO MUCH OMFG. And whats brilliant is that these heels animate nearly perfectly, I experimented with the bone weights and BAM, no more busted ankles or clipping. Your sims can jump on couches with no injuries now!
I have been cured.

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Kaylynn Langerak is my most favorite sim ever. I did plump her lips up a notch, and arch her eyebrows slightly, but she is a Vampire so I guess she's allowed a few enhancements. She'll be featuring in later episodes of 'The Bella Files', as the second in command to a major character who runs a Vampire Bar (Ahem....trueblood.) ..... But I dont want to spoil who that is yet :D

Anyways I made this dress because I'm finding posing sims in action poses sooooo irritating I retreated in to what I know best :D.

P.S thanks for everyones amazing feedback on chapter one! And all the adds, I feel awfuly popular.